Nintendo Wii U Games

The Nintendo Wii U will be released alongside a host of first and third party games! Nintendo promised that the Wii U would cater for both the casual gamer and the hardcore gamer so providing they give us some awesome games they wont have any trouble keeping this promise! lets take a look at the launch games that have been announced!

The latest side scrolling adventure from Mario featuring plenty of his friends including: Luigi, Yoshi, Toad and even your very own Mii!

Pikmin is back! In this all new massive action strategy game where you take control of an army of strange leaf like creatures to battle a vast swarm of enemies!


Get ready for a zombie apocalypse on the Wii U. The year is 2012 and London is stricken with sickness and death, yet your still alive and armed with a Wii U gamepad!

Rayman Legends is coming to Wii U with a brand new adventure! With the Wii U's specialised controls Rayman is sure to test out all those touch and motion sensors!

Nintendo Land is a theme park packed with plenty of attractions and Nintendo characters! Each creating fun and innovative experiences made possible by the Wii U controller

Lego City Undercover portals you into the world of Lego as an undercover cop, using the Wii U gamepad to scan for clues, Go out for a drive and even fly around Lego City!

Wii Fit U lets you discover new ways to keep fit and lead a healthy lifestyle with plenty of new activities, don't worry its compatible with the Nintendo Wii fit board!

Scribble Nauts Unlimited is a puzzle game that poses challenges that a player can overcome in imaginative ways, a side scrolling open world with beautiful hand drawn graphics

Batman is back and coming along is Catwoman in an enhanced edition, Following the same story but now with a fully revamped control system to exploit the Gamepad precision control system.

Take up arms in the American Revolution fighting as Connor, a Native American Assassin, for the freedom of your clan igniting the American Revolution into an inferno of warfare!

Take up arms as Commander Shepard as you fight back an unstoppable alien invasion attempting to cull the entire galaxy of intelligent life forms, the penultimate episode in the mass effect series!

Play as Death as you swing an arsenal of weaponry to undo Armageddon and become an almighty force spreading terror in your wake. Re-mastered to work with Wii U Controller