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Nintendo Wii U Launched on the 30th November 2012. The Nintendo Wii U is the successor to the Nintendo Wii, the Wii revolutionised the way we play games and the Nintendo Wii U continues the evolution of new and interactive ways to play.

The Nintendo Wii U is the first HD Nintendo console, it runs in 1080p and utilizes a tablet styled controller called the Gamepad, check our Wii U tech specs page for more information on the Wii U console and the Wii U gamepad. The tablet you can see in the pictures above? yep, you guessed it, thats the Nintendo Wii U's new controller! it's an impressive looking piece of equipment thats for sure, and it stands up very well as a gaming controller, in fact Nintendo named it the Wii U GamePad, just read some of the reviews below if you don't believe us!

Nintendo are appealing to the hardcore gamers whilst still trying to cater to their current casual gaming fans. By offering backwards compatibility with the original Wii console this seems the perfect solution. Check out all of the Wii U Tech Specs.

The official Nintendo Preview Presentation from its launch

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